Fledglings May News 2024

Fledglings News  May 2024 
We are closed on both Bank Holiday Mondays this month – 6th and 27th May 
Stay and PlayDates have all been added to the calendar on Famly and invitations sent to all children depending on which day they attend.  Thank you to those who have replied, we are so glad that you want to join your children to play!  As mentioned, if there is a lot of interest, then we will split the session into two on the day and have 4-4:45 and 5-5:45.  The one scheduled next week for preschool leaver Thursday children is remaining at 4-5pm and be split between outside and inside activities during the hour.  Although there are 17 parents confirmed, there will be 12 preschool leaver children due in that day and 2 staff will also be in the rooms.  We will confirm about the nest one scheduled for next Friday on Tuesday next week, but we think we should be able to accommodate everyone on the same day 😊  Please remember that no devices enabled to take photographs are permitted in the nursery rooms.  Please leave phones/cameras etc. at home.  If any devices are brought to nursery, we will ask that they be left in the corridor until it is time to go.  Many thanks for your understanding. 
Simply Books – we will commence regular story sessions in partnership with Simply Books.  We will be taking groups of no more than 12 children to the bookshop, where the qualified staff at the shop will share a book with the children, which we will then share with the children until the next time we go, making this a focused topic each time.  We will share with parents the title of the book and hopefully a discount code for you to buy the book to continue the enjoyment at home.  We feel this will be a really successful partnership and hope to start visiting in May.  A couple of reminders if we may… 

  • Young children are welcome to bring comforters to nursery if they are required when they are sleeping.  However, please do not allow children to bring other toys /dolls /jewellery /teddies /etc etc to nursery as they get very upset if they get mislaid.  Some smaller objects also pose a choking hazard to other children.  If they have recently had their birthday and wish to show their new book or similar, please send a photo on Famly and we will happily share it with their friends. 
  • Please provide a pair of named wellies for your child to play outside.  Send a message via Famly to your child’s room if you’d ever like us to check which size is here for them.  
  • Please send messages to your child’s room, rather than individual staff members, this ensures if said member of staff is off then it will be seen by someone else in the room.  If you need to ask regarding fees/ extra days/ notice period/ funding /etc., then this should be directed to Jo/Jane. 
  • Now that the weather seems to finally have improved, please remember to apply suncream to your children before nursery and ensure to let the staff on the door know at drop off time that they have had it on.  Suncream will be reapplied in the afternoon if required. 
Our ‘policy of the month’ this month is ‘Whistleblowing’ At Fledglings, we are committed to delivering a high quality serviceIn line with that commitment, we encourage employees and volunteers with serious concerns about any aspect of the nursery’s practice to come forward and voice those concerns. This policy provides individuals with protection from victimisation or punishment should they raise a genuine concern about misconduct or malpractice within the settingThis policy is not a substitution or alternative to the nursery’s Grievance Procedure or Complaints PolicyIt is intended to encourage individuals to be open and honest within the setting and feel that it is safe and acceptable to raise any concernsThese concerns may be about something that is:  

  1. A criminal offence e.g. theft, fraud, false claims etc.   
  2. A failure to comply with legal standards and regulations  
  3. Concerns regarding staff practice or behaviour during and outside working hours 
  4. A miscarriage of justice  
  5. A health and safety risk 
  6. A deliberate concealment of information about any of the above 

An employee or volunteer who, acting in good faith, wishes to raise a concern should report the matter to Bhavani Mehta who will advise the employee or volunteer of the action she will take.  Concerns should be investigated and resolved as quickly as possible.  Confidentiality will be maintained wherever possible and the employee or volunteer will not suffer any personal detriment as a result of raising any genuine concern about misconduct or malpractice within the Nursery. 

We hope you have a lovely long weekend if you’ve got time off work… Any queries, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to message the management team.