Spring Newsletter 22

Fledglings Spring Newsletter

Welcome to our spring newsletter, we hope you find this edition full of exciting news from within the nursery!

Easter Celebrations

We simply cannot wait for Easter; please find below the Easter itinerary for our Fledglings Easter Celebrations:

Monday 11th April: Easter Arts and Crafts session
Tuesday 12th April: Easter delicacy baking session including delicious spring fairy cakes and Easter chocolate nests.

Wednesday 13th April: Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden followed by the Easter story with an enjoyable cup of special Fledglings hot cocoa.

Thursday 14th April: Easter bonnet parade and party. All children welcome to dress up in fancy dress to celebrate this special day.

Friday 15th – 18th April: Nursery closed and home Easter Celebrations commence!

Our homework project competition will be to create an Easter Bonnet ready for our Easter Celebrations. Please ensure all entries are in nursery by Monday 4th April – Good luck!

Fledglings Tooth Safe Award

We are proud to achieve our ‘Tooth Award’ which recognises Fledglings ability to teach the children about dental hygiene to a high standard. The children are really proud too!

The children enjoy daily sessions outdoors. We are very lucky at Fledglings to have continuous access to our beautiful garden, the nature pond and the school fields. The children take part in regular forest school sessions with our team. We provide outdoor suits for each child, but kindly request that your child brings in a pair of NAMED wellies (for babies suitable outdoor footwear) and a suitable coat – NAMED. Please ensure all clothing and shoes have your child’s NAME in! Many thanks.


Special Fledglings Bear

We are very excited to announce that a very special bear will be arriving at Fledglings shortly. The Fledglings bear will be available for all the children to take home on special family outings and holidays. We would be very keen to return the bear with some photographs to support your special trips for everyone at Fledglings to see, we will be displaying the work in the foyer.

Fledglings Open Day

We are pleased to confirm that we have set another date for our open day. We look forward to seeing you then…please save the date…Tuesday 24th May 2022 6.30-7.30pm.


Class News

The Nest

The Nest have been very inspired by varieties of messy play. For example, the children have explored jelly and have been fascinated by the different colours, textures and taste. The children have also been provided with the opportunity to experiment with paints and mixing colours to create new shades.

Singing is always a favourite in The Nest and we must say the children are becoming expert’s at playing the musical instruments. I am sure soon enough they will share their new skills with you!!

We have welcomed new babies into the nest room. They are settling incredibly well and are simply a pleasure; welcome to Fledglings.


Toddler Room (Playschool)

Toddler room have been learning all about independence and have been super at finding their own belongings and putting on their own outdoor shoes and coats. Many children have been fascinated by the ‘transportation schema’ which refers to the love of moving items from one place to another (we are sure you will have also noticed this at home!!) The children have engaged in varying activities to support this learning concept including painting, games and small group circle times.

The children have also shown a keen interest in transport and have enjoyed making marks using cars for instance in the paint and taking part in ‘vehicle spotting session’ during outdoor play. The children were very excited to see the ambulance and police cars and to discuss the roles of… ‘People who help us’. What an interesting topic this has been.

Please can we kindly request parents to upload a family photograph onto Learning Journals for our family display…thank you.

We welcome our new learning concept in the Toddler room… ‘All About Spring’ in the upcoming weeks.


Preschool have recently been fascinated with the concept of ‘Space’ and as a result of this have been taking a keen interest in investigating the planets and the solar system. We must say that even the teachers have learnt something new this term due to the incredibly detailed questions and curiosity from the children! We particularly enjoyed making our own aliens using playdough and a variety of other resources. We loved making our Fledglings space rocket using a variety of 2D and 3D shapes.

The children have enjoyed developing their understanding of the community and have most certainly enjoyed our trips out to discover more about where we live. During a recent trip to see a crane lift heavy materials, the children discovered that a crane can reach up to 100ft high – which is equivalent to 24 giraffes…how fascinating!

Preschool have looked at different styles of houses, where people live and why we have street names and numbers. We most certainly have many more places we would like to visit after looking at all the countries on the globe (mummy’s and daddy’s…you are going to need a few pennies….the bucket list is very long!)

We intend to arrange many more trips including a visit to our local library in the upcoming weeks…watch this space.

Preschool focus group with Mrs Bhav

 The children have been remarkable during the focus sessions; I’m super impressed! The listening and attention skills are brilliant and improving every day. The children have really enjoyed learning about measuring and weight and have been able to confidently apply knowledge during everyday scenarios. They have also enjoyed comparing sizes using a range of resources. Brilliant work children!

During Jolly Phonics, the children are really engaged and enjoy matching the sounds to the songs in addition to practicing their letter formation. We have even been spelling short words such as ‘pat, mat and sat’.

Well done to all the children who have been taking part in the homework challenges, it really is such a pleasure to see such amazing work. In the upcoming weeks, the children will be introduced to a new topic of ‘estimation’ and the homework projects will reflect the concepts we learn at teaching time. Please remember, the homework projects are not compulsory, however if you do not wish to participate, please kindly return your pack so we can utilise the reading books….Thank you.

Finally……Our Fledglings Chicks …

We are ever so excited to welcome the baby chicks at Fledglings! We are currently in the process of preparing for their arrival at Fledglings…we shall keep you posted with all the fun!